Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making Banana Triple Chocolate Muffins

Today we helped make banana triple chocolate muffins as part of our procedural instructions unit. I learnt that double paper cases would have prevented some muffins from being slightly deformed but overall the experience was positive. Photos to come as having problems uploading these at school.

Some of the children's comments follow...

What went well:
Eating the muffin mixture (Chae)
Everything went well (Nicole)
Mashing up the banana (Andre)
That I helped (Grace)
That most of the people joined in (Kaitlin)
That the muffins didn’t explode! (Kaci)

What did not go so well:
Sharing the bowl around (Chae)
That some people made a mess (Aleesha)
Spilling the mixture (Nicole)
Pouring the mixture in the muffin cups (Victoria)
The pouring (Kirsten)
Not knowing how to read the ingredients (Seven)
That some boys got very chocolaty (Miriama)

What could be improved:
People having manners when they could have the rest of the mixture (Eru)
A few people got a bit bossy (Olivia)
That it wasn’t so messy (Olivia)
Don’t put in too much mixture (Connor)

Describe the taste:
It tasted like chocolate, bananas and chocolate chips (Chae)
The muffins were delicious because the chocolate chips were dissolving in my mouth like sweet candy floss (Aleesha)
The chocolate dribbled down my throat (Nicole)
The muffins tasted like real chocolate and rich banana- it was like the chocolate and banana were melting in my mouth (Sonja)
It tasted like chocolate fudge (Mathew)
They were so nice I felt like singing (Seven). Seven, why didn’t you sing then?
It was delicious when the chocolate melted in my mouth (Grace)
It tasted like a creamy chocolate, swirled up like caramel tasty chocolates – mmm, yummy (Corrina)

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