Friday, June 11, 2010

End of Week 8

Last week I asked the children to do some creative thinking - and posed some BIG Questions....

Some responses were:

How would life be different if people could only get from place to place by walking?

You would have very sore legs from walking everywhere...Aleesha

You would take a lot longer to walk to school. If you went to say Wellington, you'd have to take sleeping bags, food, pillows and plenty of water because it would take a week or so to get there. If you had to walk you would not be able to go to another country...Tamara

Disease would not travel so far. People would tend to live in villages and grow all their own food.
People would be fitter. New Zealanders would not be able to travel to other countries or the north or south islands...Olivia

How would life be different if the sun never set?

You would never go to sleep and school would go on forever.... Nicole

There would be no light to see...Dahlia

Nocturnal animals would not be able to feed. Trees would not be able to convert CO2 into O2, that means the air would not be cleaned. The tides wouldn't turn and the seasons would not change. Olivia

How would life be different if you were a bug?

It would be hard to live inside a house... Nicole

Being really tiny you may get eaten by another bug...Chae

You would have less chances to get food...Connor

I would have to live outside. I would have to worry about people standing on me and would have to find my own food. Also BIRDS EAT BUGS! By Tamara

You would be worried about being squashed by something big. You would not be as clean as you are as a human. You would have to get used to living in a colony, and working very hard to collect food, build a house and care for thousands of babies! Olivia

How would life be different if there were no gravity?

You would be floating everywhere... Nicole

You would float away and die...William

You would be floating around in air, you might float into space, and you would die there because there is no oxygen. You wouldn't weigh anything without gravity...Clara

How would life be different if the sky were green?

It would not be very different... Nicole

The sky would match the grass and trees and blend in...Aleesha

The water would be green and it would feel different. It would be cool because lime green is my favourite colour...Clara

It would be hard to see the green grass...Andre

I think nothing would grow...Grace

The sea would be a different colour. Sunsets would be a different colour. Oliva

The world would be changed and green. There would be no colour and things would look gloomy...Miriama

If you were on the ground and playing rugby, you'd be hard to see on the grass...Caleb

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