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Class Speech Finalists (My Hero)

Together with the rest of the Middle and Senior School, the children in Room 19 have been working on writing speeches on heroes. They have all done really well. As a class we learnt how to write and deliver an effective speech. Our teacher, Mr L modelled a speech for us, as he wrote one as well. Mr L’s hero is John Key. Last Thursday and Friday each of us had to present our speeches and Mr L judged. Five of us now go through to the Speech finals this coming Wednesday in the School Hall. We wish then the very best of luck. You can read Clara, Nicole, Kaci, Jaden, and Victoria’s speech below...

My Hero

A Speech written by Clara

I am about to tell you about my hero. She has short, blond hair and is 60 years old. Her favourite meal is roast beef and vegetables. She loves helping people and giving a hand to the elderly. She is my hero- Nana is my hero. She prefers to be known as Shirley around her friends and mates. As you’ve probably guessed by now, nana is MY hero, my idol and my number one. Over the next couple of minutes, I aim to inform you about nana and why she is so popular, a role model and my hero. Along the way, I hope to share some of the lighter or funny moments you won’t know about my amazing and helpful nana.

Nana was born in 1944. Her parents’ names were Len and Audrey Bray. Her favourite pet is a dog. Her favourite television programme is Shortland Street. She lived on Awanui Road when she was a little girl. Nana has a sister whose name is Aunty Maureen. When she was little she had both a cat and a dog. She was born in Kaitaia Maternity Hospital. Some of her friends’ names are Jan, Julie, Jean, Tess and Dot. When she went to school, there was a pot belly stove in the corner to keep the class warm. One of her teacher’s was called Mr Holmes.

Nana used to live in Wellsford, but now lives in Orewa on Centreway Road. She works at the community house, where she does not get paid. She sells second hand toys, jewellery, furniture, cutlery, cups, plates, books, puzzles, DVD’s, clothes and materials for charity. She really loves helping people and is nice and amazing. In the summer time, nana likes to go for walks on the nearby beach. She loves dolphins. Her favourite colours are yellow and blue. Nana is also loving and often gives us yummy treats. She lets my brother, Nathaniel and I stay sometimes.

Nana really, really, really loves us and shows this by giving us lots of kisses and cuddles. Nana is my hero, she is not just nana, she is my hero, and I love her…GO NANA!

My Hero

A Speech written by Nicole

I am about to tell you about a hero, a family man, a funny yet very helpful guy. He is a plumber too. Ian Douglas Watson or dad around me is an average New Zealander and I LOVE HIM. He is cool. As you’ve probably guessed by now, my dad or Ian Watson is my hero, my role model and number one idol. Over the next couple of minutes I aim to tell you about the real Ian Watson, why he’s so funny and cool. Along the way, I hope to share some of the sad and lots of funny moments in my dad’s life.

My dad grew up in Wellsford, in School Road, in a green house. Today that green house is still there! He loved making robots with his brother. His school was across the road and he could walk there.

My dad has done some funny things at times. Once he accidentally poured water into his tea instead of milk! He also put half a cup of salt in my birthday pikelets instead of half a cup of sugar! Even his bike seat fell off the back of the car when we were going camping. There is one sad thing; however, he got a bad burn from something once.

Now I’m going to tell you about my dad and what he likes. He is 45 years of age. He loves watching trains leave. His favourite things to watch on TV are war programmes, like “The Pacific”. His favourite animal is a pig (now, that’s weird!) and my dad is really funny. My dad is a plumber, as I told you all before. He works hard every day to get money to buy food and that’s the best reason why my dad is a hero to me. My dad plans in the future to earn lots more money and maybe even move to a new town or city.

I’d like to state again that Ian Watson is MY hero. To be a hero, you need to have the right characteristics and a good attitude. I hope you have now learnt a lot about my dad and why he is my hero. Thank you for listening.

My Grandad, a Hero

A Speech written by Kaci

I am about to tell you about a person who is quite old, nice and quite quiet too. He’s a hero…my grandad or poppa as he likes us kids to call him. As you’ve probably guessed by now, my grandad is my hero, my number one. Throughout my speech, I aim to tell you about the memories through my grandad’s life and just why I think he is my hero.

My grandad was born in Wales. When he was living in Wales, the war came around. That is World War 2. Then grandad moved to New Zealand to live here. He lived with his parents until he was…ah…. I have no idea! Eventually he met his wife, they got married and lived in Auckland. They had a child whom they named Geoffrey Jones- my dad’s dad. At that age, I think he started making awesome boats. He used to make them under his house where he also kept his tools. Later, he stopped making boats for some reason, I think this was probably because of his back.

A couple of years later, Grandad moved with his wife to a nice, cozy house in Auckland. I think it was because of the rain or something. When we went one day to visit him, we had no idea where he lived, so I’m guessing it was quite a long way from Wellsford. Grandad rarely comes and visits us, but that’s probably because he is so old.

Grandad is my hero because he never gives up and always tried again when things didn’t work the way they should. He is also my hero because he gives me candies and lollies often and plays with me, even though he’s quite old and can’t really walk.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I hope I’ve given you more of an understanding about why my grandad is my hero. Thank you for listening.

My Hero

A Speech written by Jaden

He’s what some call a popular man in Hollywood. He’s rich, powerful and an awesome skater. He’s a hero – John Rodney Mullen or Rodney Mullen as he prefers to be called. Everyday he skates at skate parks, towns and cities. As you have probably guess already, Rodney Mullen is my hero, my number one sports star and over the next couple of minutes I aim to inform you about the real Rodney Mullen- what makes him so popular, famous, so awesome and of course MY HERO. Along the way I hope to inform you about Rodney Mullen’s past.

Did you know that Rodney began skating in 1972 when he was just 5? Hey I bet you didn’t know that! That was like 38 years ago. Today he even gives away skateboards to keen fans. Now that is a good thing about my hero.

In 1991, Rodney got married. I bet you didn’t know that either! My hero, Rodney travels to different countries to skate, like he did in 1998. He went to China to skate at the SMP Skate Park. While riding his skateboard, Rodney Mullen did a trade flip, landed and snap…his board snapped!

I believe heroes are caring, sharing and generous people. Rodney Mullen is one such person.

In conclusion, I hope I’ve informed you about the life of my hero Rodney Mullen and just why I think he is a hero. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, thanks you for listening.

My Hero

A Speech written by Victoria

Bola everyone! Did you know that most friends have a hero and that normally it’s a famous person? Well, I have something different in mind. Oops, I forgot to introduce myself…my name is Victoria. Anyway, back to my speech, a loyal and caring friend…hero…of mine is Zoe Stokes. She is my number one, my idol and my trustworthy friend. Through this speech, I hope to tell you just why Zoe Stokes is MY hero.

Zoe first lived in Auckland in 1999, now that was also when I was born, but five months before her. Anyway three years later, Zoe became a big sister. Her little sister was a girl; of course, thank GOD that it was a girl! Four years after her little sister, Skyla a strong and cute born called Jake was born. We shall thank god again for that lovely child…Anyway by then Zoe was living in Wellsford and such a lovely town it is too.

In later life, she met me- glory is wonderful! With the touch of a finger we became friends with each other, it was like we were meant to be together. The things that Zoe helps me with mainly are that she cheers me up, she helps me stand up for myself but most of all she’s a wonderful and loving hero and she’s MY hero.

I’m sorry folks but this is where my wonderful speech ends for today. I hope that by telling you about my hero Zoe Stokes, I’ve shown you what a hero really can be.

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